Digital Campaign

Role: Concept / Copywriting / Creative Strategy

Partner: Digitas

This franchise is, in a word – epic. Epic story, epic visuals, epic characters. So the launch campaign for God of War 4 had to be, too. It needed to maintain excitement during the year from announcement to launch – with game footage on lockdown.


Thus was born a social story-telling campaign called The Lost Pages of Norse Mythology. The idea was this: there are pages missing from the historical tome of Norse Mythology – pages that integrate the game’s heroes into Norse legend. These “missing stories” were revealed month by month across PlayStation's social channels.

It won awards like Clios and got 944M impressions and nearly 850,000 social mentions. It became the fastest-selling PS4 exclusive title ever. But most importantly, it was a lot of fun.

The Lost Pages Interactive Experience

The Lost Pages website held every new piece as it was released on various social channels.

A Saga Borne of Ash

We set up the story of the Lost Pages with a mystical Prologue, told in sand painting, projected at E3, the annual gaming conference in LA.

Live at E3

The performance kicked off a special panel with the game’s creator, which was live streamed on and Twitch, as God of War fans searched for secrets.



A partnership with the Myths and Legends podcast dove into Norse Myth and offered extras like developer interviews.

Riddle of Runes

Social posts challenged fans to decode secret messages in ancient Nordic runes to unlock exclusive game art.

Screen Shot 2019-10-06 at 10.26.08

The Creatures Arise

Amidst speculation about what the game would look like, posts revealed concept art from the game – from early drawings to completion.

Weapons of Legend

In God of War, weapons are a big deal. 3D renderings let fans check out new weapons right in their feed.

Mimir's Vision

Using augmented reality, fans were given the ability to explore the new world they would be playing in just a few days.

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