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Brand Identity

Role: Art Direction / Design / 2D & 3D Illustration

Partner: Hook Studios

TensorFlow is an open-source machine learning platform developed by Google. After becoming an integral tool in the AI space, it was in need of a brand refresh.

Their existing mark was well-loved among the team of engineers, but they wanted to modernize it for their 2.0 launch.


This is the original logo and our recommended update.

We cleaned up the geometry of the original TF shape using negative space as a nice visual snack.


A tensor is often represented in physics diagrams as a multidimensional array.

We drew upon this familiar visual to build a stylized mark with machine learning theory baked in.

The icon's design is built upon an isometric grid, enabling the whole structure to be put together by
individual cubes.


Full logo treatment with the TensorFlow wordmark set in Avenir Heavy.

Alternate color variations allow for versatility when faced with layout challenges.

Key Art Illustration 

Machine learning can be a tough subject since explaining it relies on graphs and figures that don’t translate well to marketing materials.

So, we developed a visual style for key art using 3D illustration techniques to help bring some tactility to the brand.


The key art style was inspired by those weird bead rollercoaster toys you played with at the doctor’s office when you were a kid.

These beads and wires serve as a fun metaphor for the nodes and pathways indicative of machine

learning system visualizations, while also nodding to the childlikecuriosity crucial to the research that goes into it all.

It’s a loopy abstracted abacus sorta thing. 

Editorial Iconography

Additionally we developed a 2D editorial illustration style optimized for quick creative production.

These all reference the logo, building off an isometric grid.

Every brand project produces batches of iterations, and here are a few alt options from the process.


After much discussion and compromise between the Google engineers and marketers, they settled on one of these alts for the final logo.

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